I am a forty-something woman of color with an opinion about pretty much everything. I believe that clothes should be both stylish and highly functional — after all, if you can’t move in them, why wear them?

I check out the Vogue Runway website daily. I do so mostly out of curiosity: I find fashion shows to be an interesting commentary on our society today (sort of like a timestamp), and I began cataloguing the looks that I found appealing. I then asked myself, “Why do clothes have the capacity to make us feel better or worse about ourselves?”

Day after day, I would add photos to my online album that made me happy, brought me a sense of joy, or moved me for some other reason. Some clothes simply invited me to look more carefully about what I was seeing, and caused me to question some underlying assumptions that I had. Finally, I thought to myself, “I’d be better off starting a blog about all of this,” and so I did.

A few more things:

  • I am not a designer, model, or journalist.
  • I have no insider information on how this world of high-fashion works.
  • I do not live and breathe by what the fashion magazines say.
  • However, I am fascinated by the people who do live and breathe by what the fashion magazines say.

Finally, I think Coco Chanel was right on the money with her comment about luxury and comfort. In my view, comfort and style are a luxury, but you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money in order to experience both. This is the underlying principle behind this blog.

Thanks for stopping by! And feel free to contact me at hello@dailyrunway.style with any questions or comments. You can also follow Daily Runway Style on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.