Beige + Berry

Today’s ensemble is rather distinctive, no? My inspiration was the full-length (and hard to find) Chanel coat. Next, I selected the sparkly Dolce & Gabbana necklace, as the green gems pair nicely with the coat. I would wear the coat over the dress, yet keep it closed (overlaid with the Alexander McQueen belt).

Also, the ensemble is a good option for a daytime event, including a day at the office. And while these colors are a great for fall, I see no reason why parts of this outfit could not be worn year-round. For example, for a more casual springtime look, I would keep the long coat and pair it with jeans, and also add a light-colored  blouse and some dark ballet flats. No sparkly necklace needed. 🙂

The non-affiliate links to the items featured today can be found below, if you wish to learn more about any of them. 👍🏾 Have a great day!

Chanel Long-Sleeved Coat

Manolo Blahnik BB 90mm Pumps

Alexander McQueen Layered Leather Belt

Treasure & Bond Findley Leather Tote

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Necklace

Casasola V-Neck Midi Dress


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