Emerald + Black

I don’t normally wear a lot of green — not because I dislike it (I don’t), but because there isn’t a lot of stylish green options out there, in my view. So, when I came across this green Bella Freud blazer, I knew that I wanted to build the rest of the ensemble around this vibrant color. It’s not easy, mind you (one wrong turn, and you can either end up looking like the Grinch, one of Santa’s elves, someone who sells concessions at a sporting event, or a leprechaun.)

There are those who may observe that the Marc Jacobs blouse featured today is similar to the Etro blouse referenced yesterday, and I concede that the two tops do share some design elements. However, I’d argue that the blouses are more different than they are similar, and that the Etro blouse would not fit in well here. Along the same vein, the Marc Jacobs blouse would look a little busy when paired with the rest of the outfit that I presented yesterday.

One more thing about Marc Jacobs: what is up with the “The Marc Jacobs” line? While I generally like his style, I find the extra article (“The”) to be a little pretentious. 🙄

A few parting notes: I really like the diamond bracelets, but I fear they are terribly pricey. A similar style could be achieved at a lower price point, if you don’t happen to have an extra $50,000 sitting around to buy these particular items. I would personally look for some high-end crystal bracelets and simply layer them. The final look will be close to the original design, but obviously not identical.

And since the outfit features short trousers, your best bet would be to wear this in the spring, during the day. ☀️

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The Marc Jacobs Polka Dot Blouse

Bella Freud Cavalry Twill Saint James Jacket

De Grisogono Allegra 5 Diamond Bracelets



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