Halston Heritage

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

Another day, another great throwback look from the runways. Today’s dress is a real winner!

Season + Designer

Resort 2016 collection by Halston Heritage (Look #1)


A long, one-shouldered blue and white maxidress.

When to Wear It

This dress is ideal for an event taking place in the early evening — and armed with a light wrap or cardigan, I see no reason why it cannot be worn year-round.

What Works Well

What a beautiful design, both in terms of the construction of the dress and the diagonally-striped pattern. A very flattering silhouette overall!

What Doesn’t

I am not a fan of the choker necklace or the shoulder bag, to be honest. They both look a little out of place to me here.

What I Would Change

I would simply take away the heavy-handed accessories in favor of something lighter — perhaps something in silver or white gold.

Daily Runway Style Score: 👍🏾 (A beautiful dress for sure. Only the accessories hold me back from a higher rating.)

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

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