Armani Prive

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

Today’s ensemble has an almost ethereal look to it; and while I am not particularly jazzed about the neck wear (what is that exactly, anyway? Feathers?), the rest of the ensemble has been executed quite well — masterfully, even.

Season + Designer

The Fall 2013 Couture collection by Armani Prive (Look #3)

Also, in case you were wondering, “Prive” means “private” in French (I looked it up to confirm my understanding).

The Ensemble

An elegant monochromatic pink pantsuit with some bizarre (let’s be honest — that’s what it is!) neck wear.

When to Wear It

This outfit would be great for a daytime work event. I would also feel totally fine wearing a suit like this to a daytime wedding or other live cultural event (like going to see a play). This suit would also play well an an event in the early afternoon or evening, provided there is still plenty of daylight outside. Otherwise, I am concerned that this color might start looking like white (rather than pink) during the nighttime hours.

What Works Well

Absolutely masterful tailoring by Armani (would we expect anything less?); the suit fits well, but does not come across as being stiff or rigid in the least. I also really like the fabric (although I am not quite sure what it is — perhaps something in the silk family), as it is light enough to allow a woman a great deal of freedom while wearing it.

What Doesn’t

The feather-esque neck wear — I cannot tell you how much I do not like it! 😮 Goodness gracious — this is why Hermes scarves were made in the first place. Sadly, in this look, one gets the impression that a black bird landed on the model’s shoulder and is peering over her shoulder and looking behind her. Not good!

What I Would Change

I would swap out the feather neck wear for a simple silk scarf like this one from Hermes — understated, elegant, and absolutely no feathers! Just how i like it. 🙂 Otherwise, I am good with how the rest of the suit comes together. Even though I do not like pink, I would have no reservations wearing an ensemble like this one!

Daily Runway Overall Score: 👍🏾(Just lose the feather boa accessory and we should be all good!)

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

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