Roland Mouret

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

Today, we are looking at a distinctive, color block dress from several seasons ago. Here we go:

Season + Designer

The Resort 2016 collection by Roland Mouret (Look #5)

The Ensemble

A knee-length pink, black, and white color block dress. On the whole, the dress is executed quite well, which the accessories (clutch and shoes) are a miss.

When to Wear It

This is probably best worn in the spring and summer, although with the right accessories (adding a blazer, scarf, and boots, for instance) it could easily be worn year-round, too.

What Works Well

The color block technique adds some visual interest to a dress that otherwise might be rather ordinary. Also, the color palette features a blend of soft pink, white, and black hues that blend together quite well.

What Doesn’t

Since the model’s body is angled away from the camera, it’s almost impossible to get a clear view of the dress, which is disappointing. Also, the color blocking that seems to be underneath the dress — see the pink and black bands by the model’s arm and shoulder? — look a little out of place here. Put another way, I am getting more of a sports bra read here than a runway look, but maybe that’s just me? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Finally, as previously mentioned, the handbag and shoes are not a winner here for several reasons: 1) the silver color of both accessories does not blend in with the rest of the look; 2) the shoes have way too many buckles; and 3) the model’s nail polish really stands out here while she holds the purse, introducing yet another color into the mix.

What I Would Change

I would nix all of the accessories (including the nail polish), as the dress really doesn’t need them. Also, I personally would prefer a more structured heel that still gives the feel of a sandal. For instance, these pumps by Gianvito Rossi would work well, even though the heel is a little too high for me! I would also have the model face the camera.

Daily Runway Score: 🤷🏾‍♀️ (Had the model been facing the camera straight on, I might have had a higher rating, but as things are right now, I feel sort of so-so about this dress. I don’t dislike it per se, but the silver accessories need to go!)

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

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