Alexandre Vauthier

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

I hope that your week is off to a great start. Here at Daily Runway, we are kicking off this week with style! 💃🏾Onto the review:

Season + Designer

The Fall 2019 Couture collection by Alexandre Vauthier (Look #4)

The Ensemble

A blue, white, and black skirt suit with a floral applique on the lapel. The jacket has a houndstooth quality to it, while most everything else here is fairly straightforward in its design.

When to Wear It

This seems like an ideal outfiit for work, or some other daytime business meeting. It also strikes me as an ensemble that could almost be worn year round (excluding summer, of course).

What Works Well

I can’t say that I ever would have put these different pieces together, but they complement one another fairly well. I also like the distinctive cumberbund waist and fitted (suede?) boots.

What Doesn’t

Hello, shoulder pads! The model almost looks like a linebacker here because of the generous shoulder padding. 🤔 I also do not care for the massive flower applique, as it looks like it was made out of inexpensice plastic and seems out of place here.

Overall Daily Runway Score: 🤷🏾‍♀️ (a good start, but the distracting details — the flower and shoulder pads — keep me from a higher rating here.)

Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2019 Couture 4

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

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