Carolina Herrera

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

I am trying out a different format for today’s post. Here we go!

The Season + Designer

Resort 2017 collection by Carolina Herrera

The Outfit

A long blue and white sleeveless dress with contrasting pleats and a form-fitting bodice (Look #14).

Where to Wear It

Work, a daytime semiformal event (like a wedding), or it can simply worn as as an everyday dress during the daytime.

When to Wear It

Daytime (morning/afternoon) during the spring or summer.

What Works

This is a flattering silhouette for many women — especially the generous skirt and pleating. Also, the textured lines on the bodice pair with the pleats to give the model an elongated look. The heels are nice, too!

What Doesn’t

The floral choker necklace seems out of place here. Also, will someone please give the model a sandwich? She is painfully thin. 😬

Daily Runway Score: 👍🏾 (I cannot give a 💃🏾 rating to someone who is so thin! Any everyday woman she is not)

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway