Ralph Lauren

All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

Can you believe that November is just around the corner? It is still in the 70s here in California, but the weather could change at any moment! But I digress.

I’m trying out a couple of new things here on the blog, and one of them will be my attempt — as much as I can swing it each week — to showcase outfits in a “collection” that I have personally curated. So, as you track with me this week, you will notice that there is a theme that should emerge in this collection. We’ll see how it goes; know that your feedback is always welcome. 🙏🏾

Today, we are looking at a gold dress from the Spring 2015 collection by Ralph Lauren (Look #10). I’m not one to usually wear gold clothes, but this look is tasteful and understated, and I really like it.

What I like:

The first thing that stands out to me if the texture of the fabric. Something about it is reminiscent of suede, and reminds me that often the small textural details are what make an outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary. Further, I find the silhouette to be very flattering, too.

What I do not like:

Honestly, I can’t think of anything!

What I would change:

I do feel like something might be missing here – maybe a belt? Or a pendant and bracelet of some kind?

My overall score: 💃🏾 (This is a real winner in my book!)


All images appear courtesy of Vogue Runway

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